Frequently Asked Questions

Value My Rental have been doing this for years so we often find a lot of people will have the same rental appraisal questions – to help you out here’s a list of some of the more commonly asked requests we have. Got a rental appraisal question not on this list? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Q) How will my free rental appraisal report be generated?

A) By simply following the steps on our appraisal page by filling out the required information, Value My Rental will then be provided with enough information to gather market data unique to your property and suburb. One of our local experts will then collate this information into a report and send it to you via email.

Q) Is my rental appraisal report really free?

A) Value My Rental offer this service 100% free of charge for all property owners.

Q) Where does Value My Rental get their information from?

A) Value My Rental and its local expert's collect information specific to your home to provide you with an overview of your investment property and local area. This data is collected nationally from Australia's leading authorities and providers which include but are not limited to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, RP Data and