About Us

Value My Rental is a combination of property managers, estate agents, market researchers and property investment experts from around Australia. We have years of experience and knowledge throughout the Australian rental property market.

Our free rental appraisal report has been designed to give property owners an overview of the current rental market in all suburbs of Australia.

Value My Rental and its expert agent subscribers pride themselves on being up to date with the market drivers that effect your real estate investment in all conditions.

Value My Rental has helped thousands of property owners who have been searching for a free rental appraisal services to assist them to find out how much their property could potentially achieve in the current market.

We have become Australia’s leading free rental appraisal website thanks to our dedicated agent subscriber base.

Our Aim

Value My Rental has always had the sole aim of being able to provide you with the most relevant and useful information with regards the Australian rental property market and maximizing your rental return.

Value My Rental believe that Australian’s are now researching all their major decisions on the Internet and noticed a major gap in the market for current property owners seeking to gain a greater knowledge on how their could be performing.